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Day 5 Update

Posted by Fargo Team on

The students had an amazing day serving others!

Tonight one student shared about a gift she received from one of the children at the day camp.  No other student or leader at day camp has ever received a gift from a camper before at the camp.  The gift was a specific candy and sleep mask. She knew her favorite leader needed some sleep and a treat!  This student leader made a huge impact on this 7 year old girl.  The student gave the girl one of our BLESS bracelets to show her how meaningful the gift was.

Another student shared about meeting a new friend at the nursing home.  He gave him a bless bracelet and encouraged him to read the verse inside the bracelet, Ephesians 1:3. The student actually saw the man again later in the week and was able to talk to him again about faith.  The man had indeed looked up the verse and had been reading his Bible. He was encouraged in faith my his new middle school friend.

Today a group of our boys played a pick-up basketball game with a group of middle schoolers new to the USA.  It was an instant connection over basketball.

Tonight all of our students crowded the stage as Brian challenged them to come forward if they want to live out their faith at home. It was a powerful moment to see all our students stand together committing to live out missions at home.

We can't wait to share these stories and many more when we return!

We return home Friday between 5:00pm - 5:30pm, we'll update Facebook with our estimated time of arrival.




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