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Half Week, Full Hearts.

Posted by Fargo Team on with 1 Comments

How do you explain God's goodness when you have no words?

Silence, sometimes just being silently in awe of God is all you need.

How do you raise your expectations when your expectations have been far past met?

Erase those expectations, God will go far past them every time.

Who knew putting 70 different, unique students together would create unbreakable teamwork?

God did, He is using everyone of His children He sent to Fargo this week to fulfill each role the body of Christ plays.

Diligent. Dedicated. Deep.

Three pivotal words that I have to describe this week and it's only the second full day.

This trip is about so much more than daily tasks, more than a week away from home, more than spending time with friends.

It's about putting faith into action, it's about serving. It's about taking uncomfortable, not ideal, shifting situations and choosing an attitude of joy over discomfort, choosing love over anger, choosing boldness over fear, and choosing patience over frustration.

Being Jesus's hands and feet in ALL situations, not just the ones we choose. That may look like serving lunch to Sawyer at the United Church's homeless shelter. Painting Arlene's finger nails at the assisted living home. Or even singing a song and playing the ukulele to Roger the Walmart worker.

God uses us in all different ways to touch the lives of people around us if we let Him. I have seen first hand God use students in so many awesome, unexpected ways, all because they stepped out of their comfort zone and chose to not let their faith live surface level, but let it's roots grow deep in The firm foundation of Jesus. 70 students made that bold decision this week.

This week has proven to be a victory for The Kingdom already, no doubt the rest of this week will be as well.

Incredible things happen when we gather in the name of Jesus.

Indescribable things happen when we let God lead us.

Impossible things happen when we fully surrender to God's plan.


Thank you for your support and prayers, blessings.

- Hannah Beckman (Leader)



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Shannon Gould Jun 28, 2017 7:18am

Beautifully said! Blessings on you all for your service!


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