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Piece of the puzzle

Posted by Fargo Team on with 1 Comments

Lives were changed this week.

Students. Leaders. Strangers.

We met people who after five minutes of conversation we felt as if we had known for years. The absolutely amazing power of Jesus went beneath the surface and created connections to carry our time with the People we met in Fargo.

We are designed to be in community with one another, each a piece of the puzzle meant to be pieced together. When we all come together the picture becomes clear. The picture the puzzle creates is seen clearly as the body of Christ.

We are so thankful for this trip and all of the lives that were touched in one way or another this week.

But the mission doesn't stop here. The mission has already started. As followers of Christ, we are called to make our lives a mission of making disciples for Jesus. We have been washed clean and we are called to encourage and show others to do the same by making our lives an example of the power that comes with the Holy Spirit.

The call has been sent.

Will you choose to answer and commit?


Hannah Beckman


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Connie Jun 30, 2017 1:37pm

So happy my grandson was able to spend time with Christian friends that has been the hands and feet of our Lord serving others Safe travels home


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