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Student Stories

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This trip is so fun, I must have had low expectations because it has excelled my expectations, I have made so many friends and met so many people. I am coming next year.

Lindsey Mueller

My favorite part of the trip this year was being able to hang out with little kids. My group went to a kid’s camp every day. It was a different experience than the other years I went, because for the past two years I never met any kids. They were so fun and I loved hanging out with them every day. We went to the pool with them, taught them, played with them, and worshiped with them. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I am really going to miss them.

Hannah Wennerberg

This is Sarah Rankin reporting live from Derek’s van. I was a youth leader in the kids camp (good news) on the first day of the camp the kids where shy and so was I. The next day I remembered a few of their names, the three girls in my group. I loved all the girls, but one of them, a girl named Suanna , touched my heart. She was a lot like me, so I didn’t have a hard time connecting. Today, Friday, I had to leave her without saying a proper goodbye. Because I told her I would see her later (next year on the trip). Now all I can do is wait for the next Fargo mission trip, to see that beautiful little girl again.

Sarah Rankin


This is Caroline Davis. I did the kids camp this year for Fargo. It was my first year to go, so I was a little unsure of things leading up to the trip. But now that I am in the car on the way back home, I had the best experience and would highly recommend going. One of the girls I met, Grace, told me I was her favorite leader. Then, Thursday, she came in with a gift for me, so I told her I was going to wait to open it at lunch. So lunch finally came and she told me to the gift would help me sleep, so I slowly opened it and the first this I saw was a kit kat –which is my favorite candy. Then, I pulled out an eye mask for sleeping and ear plugs! It turns out that the first day I had told her I was tired because some girls in my room were whispering and she took that and got me something to help me. That was just one of the many stories from this trip I am so glad I went!!

Caroline Davis


This is Noah Gould, also from Derek’s van. I also did the kid’s camp, and it was amazing. I was nervous at first and didn’t really want to do the kid’s camp, but I’m really glad I decided to do it. I was shy on the first day, and really felt like a fish out of water. After someone said a joke, we sang a weird song, and every time we prayed, we did something with clapping. I quickly learned what was going on, and started to get more comfortable around the kids. I was a bit worried because I didn’t immediately bond with any kids like everyone else, but I still became close friends with some kids. The 3 that I really bonded with were two brothers named Eli and Elliott, and a quiet girl named Ashlyn. Eli was super loud, out going, and active. He liked to steal my hat, glasses, bracelets, and other things, but he is actually really nice. Elliott was a bit rude to people, but mostly uninvolved at the beginning. I found out he liked Zelda and talked to him about it, and we became friends quickly. He then became more involved, and a lot nicer. Ashlyn was very quiet, but I sat next to her in arts and crafts, and we slowly became friends. I really developed these friendships a lot on Thursday and Friday, before we had to leave. I also bonded together with my group. From the van getting hit with a piece of metal on the way up to Fargo (we were okay, and it’s how we got our team name, Team Dent), or dying from laughing too much when Will mispronounced something, we were always together on the trip. In my group, everyone was almost crying as we left these kids that we had become friends with. It’s sad, but we must have been really blessed if it hurt this much to leave.

Noah Gould


This year would be my third year going on the Fargo mission trip. I didn’t think I was going to go back in sixth grade because I was scared to be away from home for so long, but my best friends were going and so I knew I wouldn’t be alone. I had such an amazing life changing experience so obviously I went after seventh and eighth grade. This year I was in the kids camp group. Which is very different from the other groups. Instead of going to different service sites, we went back to the same camp everyday. After a couple days I was able to grow deeper relationships with the kids. I was also able to grow closer to my group, which was great. The days went smoothly and there was literally no drama. Worship was one of my favorite parts, the lessons were so relatable and I really learned a lot about my faith. If I didn’t come in sixth grade, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I am so blessed that I was able to grow closer to God, team Dent, and the kids at camp good news.

 Kayla Wallace


Hello there! I am Kaylyn and this is my third year going on this trip. I have experienced many different things while going on the mission’s trip to Fargo. Every year I always experience something new and my relationship with Christ always strengthens. This year I was definitely pushed out of my comfort zone in many ways. As most returning student going into 8th are offered to do a kids camp, I took the offer up and decided to try it. It was an unforgettable experience and one I will never forget. I was placed with an incredible team as well as amazing kids at Camp Good News. When I first walked into the camp many of the kids were nervous, but slowly they grew more open to talking. There were a verity of different personality’s but I seemed to connect well with this one girl Katelyn. She was so similar to me and we liked to call her my “mini me”. To makes things even more fun, she had the same middle name as me. Katelyn and I grew really close and everyday she gave me so much energy that I never knew I had. Some days coming into the camp were really hard for me as I didn’t get much sleep or the night before was hard, but everyday she gave me a hug and made me smile or laugh. Over this entire trip I got to experience something so amazing and unforgettable with so many amazing people.

Kaylyn Otteson


            I’m going to share a short story about my trip to Fargo. So, on Thursday my group was walking back from downtown Fargo and a lady with a huge black eye and was also bloody. A guy with her said that she was getting harassed by some men and wanted to get her home but he was a dollar short. So I ran into the church we were staying at , and grabbed 2 blessing bags, stuck in blessing bracelets and ran back out. I took one of the bags and gave it to the lady and when I gave it to her she said to me, “Thank you so much, I can’t believe this. God Bless You!” And it surprised me so much. Then another in a bandana showed up and asked for a blessing bag and Caroline ran in and grabbed one and gave it to him. A couple minutes later another guy showed up and we decided to pray for them. Derek Wennerberg asked for someone to pray and I volunteered to pray for them. When I was praying I was so nervous about it, like I felt like I was going to mess up. During the pray I felt like I was really shaky and I felt like I was about to cry during the prayer. The first guy to show up asked if he could pray in his native language of Najavo. It may have been a very different experience for me but I felt that God was doing this for a reason so that I could grow closer to him and to find something that I would maybe do later in my life. After this trip I’ve realized that God will always have a place for me to share his love and his word with people that I know and that I might have ever seen in my life.

            Will Selinger


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