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Crawl, Walk, Run

Posted by Maria Douglas on

We started our partnership with Pastor Tingue and Breadfruit Creations 3.5 years ago, in conjunction with our ReachGlobal missionaries in Haiti. It was centered around his vision to reach out to women in his community and build skills in the areas of sewing and crochet in order that these women...

But God....

Posted by Maria Douglas on

The last two days have been full!  On Monday, the men on our team went to our GlobalFingerprints site in Jean Jean.  My husband Jeff was able to meet with the girl we sponsor which was a meaningful experience.  The men were supposed to visit our partners at STEP Seminary in Port...

In Times of Trouble

Posted by Maria Douglas on

Our team of 6 arrived here in Haiti on Friday, Jan 18.  It was a different experience to drive through Port Au Prince in the dark with tons of traffic; on foot, car, bus, tap tap (public transport) and motorcycle.  We left MN at 5 am and arrived at the Haitian Queen guesthouse in...

HAITI DEC 2018 - Day 6

Posted on

So what do we do now? Today we are heading home from Haiti.  With thankful hearts and much to think about.  Our time in Haiti can only be described as a blessing.  There are few others words that could accurately describe it.  Meeting and making new friends with our...

HAITI DEC 2018 - Day 5

Posted on

GO where the people are. Sounds simple enough right?  Go where the people are.  We are in Haiti; that doesn't mean everyone should go to Haiti.  People live all over the world.  People that could be material poor; or poor in their relationships with others, themselves...

HAITI DEC 2018 - Day 4

Posted on

Mankind's broken relationships. Since the fall of man; our relationships with God, our fellow man, communities, and environments have been broken.  This brokenness has effected every aspect of our lives for thousands of years. Over the past decade there has been almost $3 billion (yeah...

HAITI DEC 2018 - Day 3

Posted by Ryan Krantz on

Who really are the poor anyway? You have probably heard that Haiti has more NGO's (Non-Government Organizations) than any other country in the world.  There is no doubt that people all over the world have a soft spot in their hearts for helping the poor. Steve posed a great question for...

HAITI DEC 2018 - Day 2

Posted by Ryan Krantz on

Raise the roof. We do not start our roofing project until tomorrow so our missionary friends Dave and Jen wanted us to experience something unique today so we attended the Chretienne Church service in Christianville.  What we witnessed was not only unique but powerful and uplifting. ...

HAITI DEC 2018 - Day 1

Posted by Ryan Krantz on

It was a normal day of travel....and then... Anyone who has experienced airline or overseas travel more than once may feel that the steps leading to arrival at your final destination somewhat blur together when the majority of the experience is uneventful or there are no major issues. ...

Haiti Oct 2018 - Day 5

Posted by Haiti Team on

Have you ever wondered what life will be like when Jesus returns?We saw a glimpse of it in a church in a Port-au-Prince slum. We began our final day of health checkups for our Global Fingerprints kids. Between the two days of check ups we saw about 120 kids. Some required further care and our...


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