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Today our devotions with the sewing students focused on some of the virtues mentioned in Colossians 3:12, patience and gentleness. To illustrate this point, I did a trick where you pass a wooden skewer with the end coated in dish soap through a balloon without popping it. Disclaimer: previous...

Building Up

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Today a lot of things were accomplished. Bunks for the new bunkhouse were built, sewing students progressed with their projects and some of the ladies even completed their first tote bag. But even more importantly, relationships are being built. Our team has been blessed with some long-term...


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Our team arrived safely in Haiti yesterday morning. We were able to take a neighborhood walk with some of the local young men and get the lay of the land. Then we had a real treat since we were able to go to a local cafe to view the Vikings playoff game. The ministry that runs the cafe is...


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Today was a wonderful wrap up of our time here. Nearly all of the women are proficient at both new stitches and can move on to begin to make product for our Global Awareness Market at Constance in February. The order for our Holiday Boutique is nearly completed and we will attempt to cram far...

What Is a Missionary

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Today was another busy day at the vocational school teaching crochet students the stitches to make new products to sell as well as continued sewing skills testing. Denise had many demands on her attention but the cool thing was that the more skilled students began teaching the less skilled...



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Some facets of God we only discover through motion.* Today we had a lot of motion. In the morning we met with Pastor Tingue and discussed vision for the future and present success and growth areas. As is often the case in Haiti, things did not go according to the schedule or our plan. A lone...

Strength in Our Weakness


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There's an old saying that goes "God doesn't call the equipped, he equips the called." Old sayings have the way of hitting the nail on the head sometimes. Our team is called the Haiti Ladies and we are a small but mighty group of 5 who have been in an ongoing partnership between Constance...


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