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A Little Piece of Heaven

Posted by Maria Douglas on

Today was encouraging, with a bit of discouragement thrown in. On the encouraging side, many of our crocheters came back with completed hats! That is the true mark of learning; when students can perform without the teacher looking over their shoulder. One of the ladies, Madame Suze, was so persistent in learning the new hat pattern. The first day she had to re-do her project again and again, and when she came yesterday she was so proud to have completed part of a hat. However, she was doing the wrong stitch and had to start again. Today she came in with a completed practice hat done perfectly! These hats were smaller just to teach all of the components and she came in with it perched at the top of her head! She learned to make a pom pom and then attached it and posed for a photo, just beaming! The sewing students started today and began to learn a new project, commissioned by Brenda Nolby from Constance for her Jam Hops gym. They are drawstring bags for hand grips and larger ones for shoes. Many of the sewing machines were not working properly, which has been an ongoing source of frustration for our team. We ask for prayer that things could run smoothly so this would not be a hindrance. One of the ladies wasn't even able to sew a single seam for her bag. At dinner, another team staying here was asking one of the long-term missionaries from ReachGlobal, Jen Blevins (a MN gal), about how she was led to Haiti and what God has taught her. Her response really struck a chord. She talked about how serving in Haiti has enlarged her picture of who God is. She also talked about how Haitians pray differently than Americans, which is something that has always struck me as well. Many American Christians, myself included, tend to focus heavily on the ASK aspect of prayer. Haitians tend to spend much more time in adoration, praising God for who He is and what He has done, with very few personal requests. This global perspective allows us to learn from each other. Jen referred to spending time worshipping in Haiti as "a little piece of heaven," a glimpse of the day many nations, tribes, and tongues can stand before the Almighty, all praising Him together. What a blessing we get to see these glimpses here on earth! Hallelujah!


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