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Sing a New Song

Posted by Maria Douglas on

Our team attended Pastor Tingue's church this morning and were we in for a treat! It was International Children's Day and the church was decked out with red and yellow decorations including balloons, fancy red curtains and chair covers with red bows. All of the kids were dressed alike based on age groups in red and yellow matching outfits. The service kicked off with Psalm 98: "Sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things; his right hand and his holy arm have worked salvation for him." What a fitting verse for today! The children helped conduct the entire service, from reading Scripture, to making announcements to introducing the speakers and pastors. And, best of all, they made beautiful music. The singing was accompanied by great choreography too! This is a somewhat small congregation but did that place ever ROCK! What pride the kids and parents had at this display. It was such an honor to witness the all-out praise. Then Pastor Tingue told them about his visit this past February to MN and to Constance. He may have overestimated the attendance at Constance and referred to it as a mega-church! He then told of his visit to the ice castle in Stillwater and relayed the tale of going down the ice slide in it in great detail! The Creole word for ice sounds something like glacier so who knows what they think of MN now! He then hosted our team at his guest house to a lovely lunch. Haitian hospitality cannot be rivaled! We spent the afternoon with the crochet students, and nearly all of them have mastered the hat pattern, and 15 were ready to receive their first "kit" to make a hat for sale. This was a big encouragement to our dedicated teachers. We also did a "prayer in motion" to the Lord's Prayer and talked about postures of praise. The sermon today also mentioned how David jumped and danced before the Lord which was a nice tie-in. We ended our evening with a trip to a local restaurant where we dined on fresh fish, chicken or goat with fried plantains and pikliz (spicy Haitian coleslaw) all for about $5. What a treat! As we reflect back on our partnership with Tingue and his school, we realize how much has truly been accomplished, not by our own efforts but by the grace of God. We truly are "singing a new song"and are excited to see what He has in store for us next.


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