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Posted by Maria Douglas on

We opened our sessions with the crochet and sewing students with prayers of thanksgiving shared in the group. And, indeed, this week we have much to be thankful for! We ended the day with all of our pompom kits completed and a majority of the crocheted hats as well. All of the remaining crochet kits have been issued. The sewing projects are nearly 50% completed. The group will continue to meet weekly to complete the rest of the order for Jam Hops. What great productivity for essentially four days! More importantly, we have seen such progress in the quality of the work completed which leads to pride in workmanship. Our team has tried to give much positive validation, and the women have responded to it. What a joy it is to see a beaming face when a woman is told her work passes inspection! And the patience and perseverance were also seen when women have had to re-do work which is all part of the learning process. There is such value in hard work and doing a good job which is an important principle to pass along. There is a dignity that comes from this. We have so enjoyed our time spent with these ladies and saying goodbye is always a bit sad. But the fact that they know we will be back again and have shown an ongoing commitment to returning speaks volumes to them in knowing they are WORTH the investment! We were able to meet with Pastor Tingue today to give him a progress update. We also asked for his prayer requests. He carries a heavy burden to help others in his community and is involved in multiple projects since he is also a construction contractor. Please pray that he is not spread too thin. He has been suffering some health problems. Please pray for wellness and healing. We also pray for other leaders to come alongside him and that he could delegate to them as well. We also offer up prayers for the Matthis family with ReachGlobal here as they travel back to the US for a 6-week furlough. We pray that the crochet and sewing students will manage with another person supervising. Sharron Matthis has been instrumental in keeping this system running smoothly. We pray they have a time of refreshment back in the States. We also pray for the ReachGlobal staff still here, Jen and Stephanie. They will be hosting a Constance team here next week. We love this country of Haiti and its beautiful people. We have all commented that the more we come back, the more we come to see its beauty despite the material poverty that is so evident. It gives us such a global perspective of what God's family truly looks like.


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