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Posted by Maria Douglas on

Our team has been very busy so haven't posted the past few days. On Thursday, many women at the sewing school finished their second "for sale" bags and beamed with pride as we praised them and took their photos. The smiles were priceless. This week has been such an encouragement to us since past sewing trips haven't met with this level of success. Motivation and maturity are a big factor with this group of 8 ladies that we have worked with this week. In the afternoon, several of us met with Pastor Tingue to listen to him articulate and clarify his vision for the program. He spoke of his desire to change the mindset from the day to day "what will I fill my belly with", subsistence mentality to "how can I earn a living to pay for my food?". It was evident that he places a high value on education and having people learn to sustain themselves. He then spoke of his desire to have people develop pride in their work and a joy and peace to know they can support themselves. He really sees this not just as a school or business but as a ministry. We felt affirmed in our partnership and set up next steps in moving forward. We will continue to look to God for direction. It will be exciting to have the people of Constance meet Pastor Tingue and listen to him when he comes to MN during our Global Awareness series at church.


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