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We Lift His Name on High

Posted by Maria Douglas on

We opened up our morning session with the sewing and crochet students in prayer and asked for personal prayer requests. What a sweet time of communion as we both prayed for each others' needs. Then we sang "Lord We Lift Your Name On High" as we did our Prayer in Motion routine. It was so moving to have the group singing a capella in English and Creole in praise of our God on high! Truly a goosebumps moment! The prayer request for the sewing machines to be functioning properly has been granted! There are still some minor glitches but every woman has completed at least one kit of the drawstring bags for Jam Hops gymnastics and many have also finished their second. The crocheters keep plugging away on their hats and many left with a new kit one day and returned with a completed hat the next! They are having fun with the faux fur we are using to make the pom poms for the hats too! One of the neatest things is that even though the crochet students could just come and get a kit and go home to finish, they all chose to just stay together. Unfortunately they all chose to congregate in a small, poorly ventilated, very hot room even with invitations to spread into another space! That shows how much they value fellowship together and with us. Bonnie gets the gold star for staying in that room all afternoon when they were all packed in! Organizations of all the materials for production, both crochet and sewing has been a major ongoing issue. Many things have to be toted back and forth from the guest house to the school. Today we actually got a storage cabinet to fit all of the organizing bins we brought in! Organization and storage are a pretty foreign concept in this culture so this will be an ongoing process with these ladies. One of our biggest prayer requests for this group is for God to raise up some young Haitian women to eventually lead the organization of this process and for our group and ReachGlobal to be doing less and less. We see some potential and want to keep pouring into these women and speaking works of encouragement and empowerment to them. Our group watched the movie Poverty Inc last evening which was quite thought-provoking and really spoke about the unintended consequences of global aid along the lines of "When Helping Hurts". One of the quotes which really struck a chord is to have compassion not only with our hearts but with our heads as well. We feel blessed to be working with an organization such as Reach Global who has this mindset and wants to come alongside Haitians in a discipleship model, building relationships as the first priority. We, as Americans, do NOT have all the answers and have a lot to learn and understand about the Haitian culture. In this partnership, we strive to come alongside Pastor Tingue and support HIS vision of the next generation learning vocations to support themselves in a Christian environment of empowerment. In his words "I want them to learn to fight for their bread" It is very fitting that all of the hand stamped tags on Breadfruit Creations products is this verse (suggested by one of the students): "For the bread of God is the bread that comes down from heaven and gives life to the world" John 6:33


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