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Sunday and Monday Adventures!

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Today's "two-fer" post will cover some highlights from both Sunday and Monday of our trip to Kansas City, Kansas. This post is brought to you by some of our students on the team!


Day 2 of the miraculous trip, here is Noah, Derek, and Alex here to tell you about our day.

First part of the day we all woke up and got to hang out around the hotel we were staying at until around 9 where we loaded up and headed to the church. At the church we got to meet many miraculous people that would be involved such as Pastor Luther, Mr. Apex David (David Boerma from Apex Missions), and Sarah (from Bridge of Hope). We then ate a miraculous breakfast and then sat down for church. It was a miraculous experience, it was so cool seeing how their system was different from Constance. It was so long and but exciting, even though Alex fell asleep. We then indulged in a miraculous BBQ and learned of Luther’s storied past and the church itself. After another long training sesh, we finally had some free time! We finished off the night reading the well-wishes given by the miraculous Constance Kids and worshipping together.


Day 3 with the boys back at it again, Noah, Derek, and Alex (plus Jacob)!

We were all forced to wake up at 7, it was hard. After waking up we ate breakfast like usual, straight afterwards we got to hear the story of a person from the church named Annika and the stuff she has gone through her entire life, it was really impactful to all of us. After that deep talk we broke down a tool given to us by Mr. Apex David, it was used to help us deepen our prayer life. We then began day one of VBS. It started with eight people piling into our vans to go pick up the children. The children arrived and the VBS fun began! We started with large group time. We all learned about Joseph. We sang exiting songs and had people help act out the story. Everyone then broke up into their small groups and traveled around to the “craft” “Bible” and “game” stations. Everyone then came back together in large group. After VBS. We prepped for the next day. We then went to a Royals game. When we were done there. We came back to Bridge of Hope and hung out, then heading to bed.


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