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Today's post is written by Alaina Fagerberg & Trevin Schmidt:


We woke up Wednesday morning refreshed and ready for a day with the kids. After eating biscuits and gravy, we began our day again learning a new tool to help minister to the VBS kids. David introduced us to the Diamond Tool, a tool that helped us identify what people are attempting to get rescued by. All people attempt to get rescued by different things in life, but if it’s not Jesus they will fail. This showed us the significance of sharing the faith that we have been blessed with and giving people the rescue that everyone desires.

The third day of VBS with the kids was when things finally came together. The relationships that we made with the kids had strengthened dramatically in the previous 2 days, and this left the kids engaged and interested to learn about Christ. Everyone in our group had a full understanding of their responsibilities, which led to the day going by quickly and smoothly.

We ate another delicious dinner and got ready to go on another evening adventure! Without knowing where we are going, we went to downtown Kansas City and stopped outside the Kansas City Convention Center. We went into a massive auditorium where one of Apex’s Tools, the Hexagon (a way to pray through the Lord’s prayer), was taped onto the ground. It was explained to us that the whole room would be filled with high school Christians like us (The EFCA National Student Ministries Conference). 4,700 people who believed in Christ just like us. To hear that was amazingly encouraging to the whole group. We prayed a prayer for the whole room using the hexagon, we prayed for Gods kingdom, will, provision, forgiveness and character. Praying for people who were not present was awkward at first but quickly became immensely impactful. We then all spread out and prayed for a seat in the auditorium. When we were finished we did an amazing worship that moved the whole room. Everyone was feeling impacted and moved by the spirt of the lord. Many crying and just praising out to the lord because of how almighty and powerful our God is.

When we finished at the auditorium we went to a beautiful park for spike ball, football and relaxing. While we were enjoying the scenery a group of us decided to go on a prayer walk. We talked to many people and although we got rejected some of the time God was calling us to make this move and make a mark on these people who don’t know Christ.

Overall the day was absolutely incredible, seeing the lord work in so many ways throughout this day and getting a chance to share Gods love to these kids and strangers was so impactful!!!


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