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Prayer, Fences, Siestas and Tacos!

Posted by McAllen Team on with 1 Comments

Today's post comes from Katy Anderson, one of our trip participants:

Hola from McAllen, this week has been eye opening, full of the presence of Christ, and overall a time of celebration of God’s goodness. Many students have commented how they have felt God’s presence and how he has been working through them during this week. We have been able to further our relationship with God through a series of experiences, and through these invigorating expressions of faith with others we have grown as individuals and connected together forming a community.  Here’s an update from Wednesday and Thursday…..

Wednesday was the second day 2nd day of morning prayer, arriving at the church at 5:00 and joined in prayer with the community of Alianza. Participating in this helped prepare us spiritually, mentally, and physically for the rest of the week. Later that morning we spilt up into two main teams, one was going to house visit and the other was painting the fence around the church.

Right after this we all joined back together to eat a lunch that was prepared by some lovely women from the church. After we did this we went back to our hotel rooms as everyone was required to take a mandatory nap so that we could regain some energy to continue and face the next few days’ obstacles. 

After the mandatory nap, we headed out to the vans to gear up for Wednesday sermon from Pastor Joel, pastor of Gateway Church.  He preached about the struggles Daniel faced in the lions den and explained how we have our own lions that we must face.  

Greg had the opportunity to preach at a nearby church on the topic of guilt and shame.  He explained that guilt and shame should lead us to run to God, and not hid from him.  Afterwards, we stayed at the church for delicious dinner of hotdogs and later made our way back to the hotel for worship and more testimonies. 

Thursday the seniors partook in their last house visit ever along with another house visit and construction day at the church. At lunch, Haley Sharp was surprised with a banner and cake for her 18th birthday. After this 16 of the students accompanied Pastor Joel to an historic site on how people used to cross the border. We then all shared a very small amount of siesta time before we went back to Alianza and did a group  bible study and learned about being a disciple. After, the team got ready to put on the last day of actual VBS. The team did a great job on hosting the VBS and help kids understand that God made them unique, our bottom line from VBS.

After VBS we headed to dinner at a house of people from the church, they served tacos and glassed beverages from Mexico. Jordan Sauve broke her record of tacos eaten with 15! Also at this house the love being demonstrated from one another radiated from the harvest and Alianza students forming a tight community.

Please pray that the team will continue to connect and deepen their walk with God.  


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Julie Sharp Jul 28, 2017 9:35am

Thanks for making Haley's birthday so special her for! You guys are AMAZING!


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