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Day two of the Kidz XL Day Camp was even better than the first! We were able to build stronger relationships with the kids and really get to know some of them better. Matthew, the Kidz XL worship leader, is an incredible songwriter and taught us a few new tunes. He said he writes these songs to talk to God. Our favorite song is actually untitled, but it talks about loving our enemies with a passion. We are encouraging him to record this song because we want to bring it back with us! The middle and high school ages taught us a new game, and let’s just say they are aggressive! HSM held their own, though! This game involved using foam pool noodles and tag using strategic football plays. We may need to bring this game back to Minnesota.

 After our day at Kidz XL, we went to Radiant Christian Community. The story behind it is incredible, and it is so evidently God’s church. It currently meets in a former crack house. They are in the process of praying over another location. Our group went to both places and asked for God’s leading and protection. Click here to hear their story.

We ended the day with two quick adventures. There is an amazing fruit stand called Robert is Here. This place is known for its exotic milkshakes and animals. (There was also petting zoo, I promise. The milkshakes and animals were segregated.) Our final stop was a quick meeting with Buddy the Alligator. We went to Anhinga Everglades where we were able to see alligators somewhat up close and giant grasshoppers. 

We ended the night at a fantastic Soup and Salad Bar Buffet called Sweet Tomatoes. We welcomed fresh food after a full day. Thank you for your continued prayers.  - The Miami Team


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