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***UPDATE: Unfortunately, travel to Haiti has been closed due to political unrest. Our Constance Haiti teams previously scheduled to go to Haiti have been postponed, but we remain ready to go when they can do so. Continue to pray for the plight of Haitians as their country is in turmoil. Pray as well for our partners—the EFCA Haiti site team—as they contemplate their situation.



  • The country remains on lockdown. Openings for travel and commerce are sporadic and hard to predict. Schools are still closed, medical access is difficult, and necessary supplies continue to dwindle as prices rise.

  • Political and economic tensions are high. Costs are rising; the government is unable to afford subsidized gas, causing gas shortages; political battles and (often political) gang activity causes major disruption and fear on a regular basis. Many people are angry, frustrated, and losing hope that anything can change.

  • Pray for leadership.

  • Pray that the people would stand for justice in ways that do not cause greater misery for themselves and their neighbors.

  • Pray that the Church would be a light and that God’s true justice would be known.

  • Pray that Haitians will see themselves as blessed and empowered rather than cursed and powerless.

  • Pray for the Church to be a beacon of hope; a proclaimer of truth; a place of spiritual and physical healing.

  • Pray for evil, violence, and lies to be overcome by good. Pray for Christian influence at all levels of society.

Pray for the EFCA Team Living in Haiti:

  • Pray for stamina and steadfastness—physically, spiritually, and emotionally—as we fight to serve and encourage others.

  • Pray that we would overcome the hurry and worry of the evil one with rest in and gratitude for our Loving Father.

  • Pray that we would look away from the problems and frustrations and look up to our glorious and sovereign King of Kings.

Pray for Ministry:

  • We want to help without hurting. We want to do “with” and not “for.” We want people to see Jesus and not just free stuff or a ticket out.

  • Pray that this time of increased tension would serve only to focus our intentions on the most important things, that we would be even more zealous to see God-glorifying relationships restored today.

  • Pray for healthy partnerships with and within the Haitian Church, which will lift congregations and communities out of a poverty mindset and empower them to steward, solve, thrive, invent, improve, and otherwise work with all their hearts for the Lord.

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