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Seamless by Angie Smith

Whether you’ve grown up hearing Bible stories or you’re exploring Scripture for the first time, the full story of the Bible can be overwhelming.  Experience the Bible as one complete story and gain confidence and a fresh new understanding of Scripture.  Discover Old and New Testament stories in a new perspective that brings these stories to life.  This study covers the people, places, and promises of the Bible, tying them together into one seamless story.  Each week is accompanied by maps, Bible stories, video, and discussion.

Mondays | 6:45-8:00pm | January 14-March 4 | $14

Leaders: Karin Gaertner and Stephanie Schroeder


Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer

A decade ago, Priscilla Shirer authored Discerning the Voice of God, and since then God has continued to grow, teach, and challenge her in her walk with Him. This revised and expanded edition reflects that growth through new stories, illustrations, and exercises.

Through 7 sessions, discover the root to clear and daily communication with God - humble obedience. Learn how surrender unlocks His many blessings intended for us, centers us in His will, and helps us discern His voice in everyday life.

Tuesdays | 9:30-11:30am | January 15-April 23 | $14

Leaders: Laura Doheny and Deb Colstrom


The Wellness Revelation by Alisa Keeton

In The Wellness Revelation, certified fitness professional Alisa Keeton will challenge you to get fit with God so that He can free you to complete your purpose. She teaches that when we get fit physically as well as spiritually, we will be better equipped to love and serve others. The Wellness Revelation will change the way you perceive yourself and the way you live your life.

Tuesdays | 9:30-11:30am | January 15-April 23 | $12

Leader: Deb Discher


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