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Like any relationship, spending time with Jesus is the key to knowing him and experiencing the best life he offers. The Bible is one of God’s gifts to us. Through this book, we learn about the relationship God has with his creation—the way he has worked through his people in the past and the way he is working in the Church today. The Bible defines what is truth and right and helps us shape our thoughts around God’s desires. This 28-Day Reading Plan is a great way to get started in developing a regular habit of reading the Bible.


Two Weeks on the Life and Teachings of Jesus

Day 1.    Luke 1: Preparing for Jesus’ arrival

Day 2.    Luke 2: The story of Jesus’ birth

Day 3.    Mark 1: The beginning of Jesus’ ministry

Day 4.    Mark 9: A day in the life of Jesus

Day 5.    Matthew 5: The Sermon on the Mount

Day 6.    Matthew 6: The Sermon on the Mount

Day 7.    Luke 15: Parables of Jesus

Day 8.    John 3: A conversation with Jesus

Day 9.    John 14: Jesus’ final instructions

Day 10.  John 17: Jesus’ prayer for his disciples

Day 11.  Matthew 26: Betrayal and arrest

Day 12.  Matthew 27: Jesus’ execution on a cross

Day 13.  John 20: Resurrection

Day 14.  Luke 24: Jesus’ appearance after the resurrection


Two Weeks on the Life and Teachings of Paul

Day 1.    Acts 9: The conversion of Saul

Day 2.    Acts 16: Paul’s Macedonian call and a jailbreak

Day 3.    Acts 17: Scenes from Paul’s missionary journey

Day 4.    Acts 26: Paul tells his life story to a king

Day 5.    Acts 27: Shipwreck on the way to Rome

Day 6.    Acts 28: Paul’s arrival in Rome

Day 7.    Romans 3: Paul’s theology in a nutshell

Day 8.    Romans 7: Struggle with sin

Day 9.    Romans 8: Life in the Spirit

Day 10.  1 Corinthians 13: Paul’s description of love

Day 11.  1 Corinthians 15: Thoughts on the afterlife

Day 12.  Galatians 5: Freedom in Christ

Day 13.  Ephesians 3: Paul’s summary of his mission

Day 14.  Philippians 2: Imitating Christ

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