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Leaving the Backyard

02.21.19 | BLESS | by Nate Thompson

As followers of Jesus, we take seriously his command to love our neighbors. The command is easy to remember, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” but practically speaking, how do we love our neighbors and help them connect with Jesus. Enter the...


10.29.18 | Questions

    Communion, or the Lord's Supper, is an ordinance given by Jesus for his followers as a means to obey, remember, and proclaim what he has done for us through his death. This article will help you understand more about why and how we celebrate...

    FAQ Block Party Trailer

    03.07.18 | Block Party | by Sean McDowell

      In an effort to love our neighbors better, we've put together a Block Party Trailer to host neighborhood block parties. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the use of the Block Party Trailer.


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