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FAQ | Dedication

12.01.16 | Questions, Church, Dedication

    What is Parent and Child Dedication? Public Parent Dedication is a statement of personal faith in Jesus Christ and displays your desire that your home where God is honored and obeyed. In order for you to dedicate your child to God you...

    Understanding Grace

    09.28.16 | Church | by Sonya Anderson

      I grew up in a Christian home and my life was wrapped up in God for as long as I can remember, yet it wasn’t until I was in my early 30’s, and a mom of three small children, that I realized there was a flaw in my religion.

      I Am Not Self-Sufficient

      09.28.16 | Family Life | by Aaron Williamson

        Often our days are filled with so much that we don’t get around to even talking with God, much less, doing anything with God! But if we would apply this truth to our lives, our lives might look a little different. Maybe we will start seeing every...

        Spiritual Formation

        09.28.16 | Church, Formation | by Sonya Anderson

          Instilling faith in our children can at times feel like an overwhelming task. How are parents supposed to care for their own faith while at the same time investing in the faith of the next generation?


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