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We are excitedly looking forward to the completion of our parking lot and the great first impression it will bring to our guests. Without a doubt, this project will help us accomplish our vision "to be a community, compelled by Christ love to bless our world."

Last summer we became aware of a reality that brings a significant change in the scope of the parking lot project. The general contractor failed to assess the state of our current parking lot properly and made the incorrect assumption that the parking lot could be simply re-surfaced. This assumption was the basis of the project receiving our initial bid of $400,000. The reality is that there is not adequate thickness in the base layer to support the new surface.

Not being able to do a simple resurface has significantly altered the project. Since resurfacing is not possible, a total reclamation will have to be done. Our current estimate is that this change of scope will bring an increase of approximately $130,000 to the project.

We've taken to following actions as we move forward with the project:

  1. The original general contractor and the architect have been released from the project.
  2. A new general contractor has been chosen.
  3. A civil engineer has been employed to develop all plans related to reclamation of the parking lot.
  4. The project will now be carried out in two phases. The first phase being curbing and lighting, the second phase is the reclamation of the asphalt. The time between these phases could be up to ten months depending on the contractor’s timeline.
  5. The additional costs for the project will be managed through our current budget, thanks in part to our strong cash reserves.

Additional gifts towards the parking lot project would be welcome and would limit any potential adverse effects on other areas of the budget.


In closing, our team was surprised by the change in scope. However, we can all recognize that projects such as this often come with unexpected costs or delays. We give thanks to God that the necessary information came to light before the project began.

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