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The Lamb - Week 3

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Getting Started:Can you name one professional athlete who has been blamed for his/her team’s failures? Why do we feel the need to identify a scapegoat? Digging Deeper:Psalm 103 is a song, written by David, directing praise to God who gives us good gifts. Read the entire Psalm. What...

The Lamb - Week 2

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Getting Started: Have you ever been rescued or delivered from a scary, awkward or uncomfortable situation? What feelings did you have toward your rescuer? Digging In:Read Exodus 12 What are some ways God provided for the Israelites in this passage? Do you notice any trials they faced that...

The Lamb - Week 1

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Getting Started: Which do you prefer, cold and snow or heat and humidity? Or perhaps, which do you hate less? Digging In:Read Genesis 22:1-18 When we first read this story, it seems pretty disturbing. What was your initial reaction when you heard what God asked Abraham to do? In this...

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