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Helping People Connect with Jesus - Week 3

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Getting Started:
As a group, think about what some of the biggest regrets in people’s lives might be.

Digging In:
Read Luke 15:17-20

  1. What events took place so that the son could come to his senses? Is there anything in these verses that indicates he was feeling regret?
  2. Why doesn’t the son come to his senses until everything is gone? What is it that causes us to stay on destructive paths until the destruction is complete?
  3. When do you think people begin to feel regret? Does it come on gradually? Do you think we tend to ignore regret initially?
  4. How can regret help us in our journey of finding Jesus? Are there any truths about Jesus that ring especially true when we are in the midst of regret about our decisions?
  5. What do you think is the connection between regret and repentance? How are they different? What does it look like to repent—or admit that we haven’t made a good decision and are in need of forgiveness and guidance?
  6. It is tempting to think that repentance is a one-time event. What do you think it would look like to live a life of repentance?
  7. How do you think the son felt as he set out for his father’s home?
  8. What looked appealing about the father’s home that the son may have taken for granted before he set out on his own?
  9. Do you think people ever feel hesitant to approach Jesus when they feel regretful about their choices? What does someone need to know about Jesus in order to approach him?

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