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Helping People Connect with Jesus - Week 4

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Getting Started:
Reflect on some of the scandals that have been in the headlines lately. What are some of the ways that people tried to make the situation better or cover it up?

Digging In:
Read Luke 15:11-20

  1. What do you think was going through the son’s mind as he was journeying home? Do you think there were any conflicting thoughts?

  2. Why do you think the son rehearsed a speech as he set out for his father’s house? What kind of reaction do you think he expected from his father?

  3. The son realized that he needed the benefits of his father’s home. What did he plan on doing to earn his “keep?" What would have been shocking about the reaction he got from his father?
  4. Why do you think it is so hard to ask for help? In what ways does our society reward those who seem to be self-reliant and look down on those who admit they can’t do it on their own?

  5. The son thought he was coming home to receive a second chance. The father knew that he had been dead and, by returning home, had now come back to life. Talk about the difference between these two realities.

  6. When you look at the perspectives in question 5, do you see a relationship to our journey towards meeting Jesus? Do you think of Jesus as the one who “helps” you or as the one who has brought you back from the dead? Explain your answer.

  7. Why do you think it is important for unbelievers, new believers, and long-time believers to be reminded of this example of a father’s love? How can understanding this love change the way we view our heavenly Father?

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