Recommended at age 6+

Teach your child about God's Word and establish the practice of reading and memorizing scripture as a family.

The Bible is God’s special gift to his people. Through the pages of scripture, we are introduced to the character and activity of a God who never stops loving the people he created. We discover the “good news” of the gospel, and we are invited become followers of Jesus. And we learn about the Holy Spirit, who teaches us all things.  

Help your child explore and study the Bible  

  • Choose a Bible:  Find a translation that is easy for your child to read and understand.  
  • Model it:  You cannot pass to your child something that you don’t have. Schedule a regular time of reading the Bible where your kids can see you.  
  • Remember the big story: The Bible is “God’s big story” from beginning to end. Help your child see the unfolding story, in which God himself is the hero.  
  • Focus on trust:  Help your child to read the Bible’s stories through the lens of trusting God. Ask the question often, “What does this (story/passage/Psalm) teach us about trusting God? 
  • Be creative: Don’t just read the story; use games, crafts, or role-playing to engage all five senses in the learning experience.   
  • Memorize together: Choose a chapter or passage to memorize together. Savor the words together as you “hide them in your heart.” 
  • Don't bluff:  It’s okay to not know the answer to a question your child might have. Use the opportunity to show your child how to search God’s Word for wisdom. Be authentic by admitting that none of us understand everything. Only God knows all things, and we must learn to trust him over our own knowledge.  
  • Study it: Show your child how to study God’s Word using a simple Bible study plan. Teach your child to look at any scripture and ask questions about the passage such as "Who wrote this passage and why?" "Who was the original audience and what did it mean for them?" and "What does this passage mean for me today?” 
  • Find tools:  There are many great tools like Bible storybooks, devotionals, Scripture songs, activities and games to make understanding the Bible easier and more fun. 
  • Pray: Ask God to give your child a love for God’s Word as well as understanding and wisdom as they read and memorize scripture.   

Recommended Bible Activities 

  • Have your child memorize the books of the Bible by using repetition and songs.  
  • Write verses on index cards to put in your child’s Bible, backpack or lunchbox, or tape them to a mirror or refrigerator.   
  • Try teaching your child memory verses using sign language or making up your own hand motions.  
  • Play Bible memory games.  
  • Use a Bible reading plan and make a habit of reading together at breakfast or bedtime.  
  • Use one of the books recommended in this guide for personal or family Bible reading.   


The Big God Story by Michelle Anthony
What the Bible is All About 
by Frances Blankenbaker
The Gospel Story Bible 
by Marty Machowski
Long Story Short 
by Marty Machowski
Old Story New 
by Marty Machowski
Seeds Family Worship
 scripture songs from (also available through RightNow Media)  

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