Rite of Passage

Recommended at age 16+

Celebrate and give your child a vision for the future as an emerging adult.

A Rite of Passage is a special event signifying a transition from one stage to another. This is an ideal time to affirm and help your child anticipate and prepare to accept God’s plan for the future.  

How to plan a Rite of Passage 

It is less important how you plan your child’s Rite of Passage than that you plan it. Some families host a simple dinner with family and close friends. Others do something more elaborate such as a road-trip adventure with various stops. Decide and plan what works best for your teen and your situation. Cast vision and direct your child in seeking the Lord as they enter a season of change and new opportunities. 

Invite People  

Think about the people who have had an impact in your teen’s life and/or whom they respect. Consider giving each person a specific topic on which he or she will speak or write a letter. Make it easier by suggesting key ideas and Bible passages.  

Give a Blessing 

It is very important that parents use this milestone to give a verbal or written blessing affirming the teen’s potential and expressing gratitude for his or her life.   

Give a Gift 

Consider purchasing or making something to give your teen during this time. It doesn’t need to be extravagant. It is more important that it serve as a tangible keepsake of the event that your child can hold on to for years to come. Ideas include a piece of jewelry, a Bible, or a book of letters/blessings.  

Set the Stage 

The Rite of Passage event serves as an opportunity to set a new tone for the changing relationship with your child.  Your role is changing from primarily teacher to more of a coach, as your child accepts the new freedoms and responsibilities that accompany young adulthood. Let your child know that you will be there to help him or her work through the challenges as they take ownership for choices and a future walk with God.  


Rite of Passage by Jim McBride
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 by Robert Lewis
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 by Pam Farrel 

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