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TUESDAYS // 6:30-8:00pm

September 19, 2023 - April 16, 2024

In addition to Sunday mornings, we offer a Tuesday Night Club experience that allows us to focus more deeply on helping kids develop their faith and Bible understanding while also being easy enough to bring friends who can fully participate at any point during the year.

Our 2023-24 Club year will use GROW Curriculum for K-5 and FIRST LOOK Curriculum for Preschool.


Bible-to-life messages, scripture memory activities, and life skills practice will be woven throughout three familiar block segments:

• Large group Bible teaching 

• Games for fun and friendship

• Small groups for deepening relationships with Jesus and others!

Using GROW Curriculum, kids will learn how to spend time with God and others, use their gifts, and share their story. This greater aligns our Tuesday evenings with our overall discipleship strategy at Constance. Our clarity of focus will also make participation easier for all school agers by sharing a grace-based gospel and developing Christ-following friends of all ages.


On Tuesday Nights, using ORANGE'S First Look curriculum, preschoolers will focus on making wiser choices, building stronger relationships, and developing a deeper faith. Kids will have large group worship and Bible lesson, games and activities that help them connect the Bible lesson to their world, and small group time of discussion and prayer as well. Extra focus will be spent together on practicing the theme verse for the month so littles can develop the habit of carrying God's Word in their heart.

Preschool Club is only available to children of volunteers and those adults involved in Tuesday small groups.

Cost is $45 per child

($50 after Sept. 1, 2023)

Includes a Club t-shirt and 25 nights of faith-filled fun!

Scholarships will be provided for anyone needing a reduced fee and your kids' unchurched friends.



What happened to AWANA?

Constance has a rich 44-year history with AWANA curriculum, and we still share the same value of discipling the hearts and minds of kids! AWANA is intended to be used alongside a foundation of parental involvement during each week to work through book progress and Bible memorization. In recent years, we have found a greater need to adapt our methods of helping God's Word and His gospel to become rooted in kids' lives. Our decision to use GROW curriculum on Tuesdays will:

1. Relieve added time commitment required for preparation at home for busy families.

2. Reinforce multiple ways for kids to live out their faith.

3. Create easier opportunities for kids to bring friends all year long.

Club will continue to support parents' desire for their kids to finish their AWANA book or earn an award by offering listeners weekly before Club that will listen to recited verses. Materials and awards will be offered “at cost” to any family who desires to continue using this curriculum in their home. 

How do memory verses fit in?

During Club nights, kids will continue to learn Bible verses! Monthly theme verses will be reinforced in group times using both song and sign language motions, creating greater inclusivity and strengthening the ability for kids to hide God's Word in their hearts.

Club will also support parents who are using AWANA curriculum in their home by offering listeners weekly before Club so they can continue their book progress.


It takes a whole lot of awesome volunteers to make these fun-filled nights run smoothly! Join our Tuesday night team and make a lasting impact in a child's faith.