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GlobalFingerprints, our EFCA denomination’s child sponsorship organization, has sites in India that are currently caring for over 1,000 children. The children in their program aren’t the only ones who benefit, though; entire communities do. For over six years, tutoring programs and Bible clubs have been provided through six GlobalFingerprints sites we partner with. As children get involved, they open doors to minister to entire families, which eventually leads to church plants—spreading the hope of Jesus Christ to the villages there.

When children are cared for through the GlobalFingerprints child sponsorship program, they receive things like medical care, food, and supplies for schooling. Site workers track what each child receives and their progress in a digital system, but tech and internet access have been an ongoing issue. Some workers travel to remote areas where wifi is unavailable. Because of your generosity, last year we were able to supply the Site Workers with basic smartphones so they can now make real-time updates, aiding in efficiency for the entire program. This year our goal is to continue to help Globalfingerprints invest in software development for even better usability as they track the care of each child in this growing ministry.

The children that Globalfingerprints serves have many basic needs that are not met. It’s been 4 years since the sites have had enough funding to provide shoes for the children they help, and only 20-25 children have been given clothes. $20 will provide shoes and clothes for each child in the India program. We hope to provide supplies for every child in the India program through this year's Global Fund.

Your generosity has already made way for the India team to open a computer training center in one of their communities, equipping young people to find empowering and secure employment, and making a big impact toward keeping vulnerable girls out of the sex trade. Along with practical skills, they are part of a Christian-led ministry that seeks to care for their emotional and spiritual well-being too. Last year, we were able to help rent more space for the computer center, but this is not a long-term solution. This year through our 2023 Global Awareness Fund, we hope to aid in the purchasing of a new building for a permanent tutoring center.

2023 partner goals - $85,000

  • Shoes and clothes for each child in India's Globalfingerprints program - $20,000

  • New tutoring center - $50,000

  • Software redevelopment for better tracking of care for Globalfingerprints worldwide - $15,000