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Small Group Notes: March 28

March 28, 2021

Small Group Study Questions

Getting Started:  What is something wrong you did as a child that you tried to keep from your parents?  Where you successful?

Digging In: Read Genesis 3:1-21

  1. verse 1- The evil one first caused the woman to question what God has said. What would be some examples of how he does that today?
  2. verse 4- The evil one also made God sound like he was mean and restrictive. What would be some examples of how he does that today?
  3. verse 6- It appears that Adam was there during this temptation. What do you think he was doing? 
  4. verse 7- Why did they make coverings for themselves? Why did their nakedness not seem to bother them until now?
  5. verse 8- Why did Adam and Eve hide?
  6. verse 8- Hiding is the natural response to seeing our sinfulness. Why do we hide from God? What are we hoping to accomplish?
  7. verse 9-11. God asked some interesting questions, ones he already knew the answer to. Why did he ask since he knew the answer?
  8. verse 12-13. According to Adam, whose fault was this? According to Eve, whose fault was this?
  9. Pastor Randy spoke of the difference between looking out the window and looking in the mirror. Why is it so much easier to look at the sins of others than our own?
  10. Going into only as much detail as needed, when did you realize that you were a sinner?
  11. Share about your feelings as you understood you were forgiven by God.
  12. Revelation 12:10 refers to Satan as “the accuser of our brothers and sisters”. What are the kinds of messages he uses to accuse you and people like you?
  13. What do you need to be reminded of when the evil one accuses you? Psalm 103:12, Isaiah 43:25

Pray for one another to walk humbly with others in thankfulness to our God who has forgiven us.

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