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Small Group Notes: May 2

May 02, 2021

Getting Started: Did you ever get involved in a fight at school when you were young?  What caused it?

Digging In:  Read James 4:1-12

  1. vs. 1- What do you think are the main reasons people have conflict?
  2. vs. 2- According to James, what is the reason for conflicts?
  3. vs. 2- What is the relationship between desiring, coveting, and not asking?
  4. vs. 3- What are some wrong motives that inhibit receiving what we ask for?
  5. What would be examples from your own life where you have asked God for things that were from wrong motives?
  6. vs. 4- How does “friendship with the world” contribute to our quarrels and fights? How does this contribute to having wrong motives?
  7. vs. 4- Does friendship with the world really an enemy of God? Is it really that severe? 
  8. vs. 6-10- How would humility lesson the amount of conflict we have with others?
  9. vs. 11-12- How do these verses connect back to vs. 1? How does slander and being judgmental connect with interpersonal conflict?
  10. What relationship to do you have that needs to have less conflict? What can you do to bring peace?

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