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The Art of Neighboring - Week 1

February 24, 2018

Getting Started: 
Have you had any memorable neighbors? If so, share what made them memorable.

Digging In:
Read Romans 13:8-10, Mark 12:28-31

  1. When considering Jesus’ words in Mark 12:29-30, how do we love the Lord our God will all our heart, soul, mind and strength?

  2. What does it look like to “love your neighbor as yourself” as it is commanded in verse 31? 

  3. Are you tempted to separate the two commands, thinking we MUST do the first while the second is optional? Why is that a temptation?

  4. Loving God and loving others go hand-in-hand. In what ways can you strengthen your relationship with God so that loving your neighbor becomes a natural result of your love for God? 

  5. Read Proverbs 14:21. Talk about some of the tangible ways you can serve your neighbors with love.

  6. Another step to loving our neighbors is listening with care. What are some barriers that don’t allow us to do this well?

  7. How can we create space to listen to our neighbors with care?

  8. Which of your neighbors do you feel compelled to lift up in prayer?

  9. Is there anyone that you can “team up with” in your neighborhood to bring the “art of neighboring” to those who live close to you?

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